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TETTYE FORRÁSHÁZ PLC is the determining knowledge base and key market player of the southern Transdanubian region of Hungary in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment, and in the related engineering and economic activities. It is a modern and flexible company which is able to comply with the dynamically changing outer circumstances and expectations, keeping pace with the changing regulations in the sector at the same time.

Serving one hundred and sixty-six thousand customers

As its main task, the hundred percent municipally owned company provides healthy and safe drinking water for the residents of the fifth largest city of Hungary called Pécs and to he residents of fourteen nearby towns. As a secondary duty, it manages the transport and treatment of twenty-four thousand cubic meters of wastewater produced daily by the households and companies of Pécs, and by twelve nearby towns, moreover handles the collection and disposal of the liquid waste of the residents of Pécs.
Running the largest sewage plant and the most modern sewage sludge and waste management facility of the region, the company is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. The biogas plant built in 2015 produces green energy from the sewage sludge produced during the clearing process.

Some revealing service data and resources

  • 3 own catchments (Tortyogó, Pellérd, Tettye), 50 wells
  • 58 000 m3 capacity of reservoirs
  • 1,5 million meters length of managed drinking water and sewage system
  • 8,3 million m3 drinking water fed into the system per year
  • 8,6 million m3 treated wastewater per year
  • 35 000 laboratory analyses (drinking water and wastewater) per year

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